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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Salmon a rama 2016

These past 9 days have been possibly the longest ever for Salmon a rama. Between brutal winds and waves we still managed to put a bunch of fish in the boat with out loosing to much gear. So much happened though out the tournament that I don't even know where to start besides half way through I was about to come out of my skin from big fish either getting off while fighting them or getting knocked off by the net. But towards the end things started clicking and our batting average went up. The final night of Salmon a rama I had one very angry chinook that came close to spooling all 300yrds of power pro causing me to turn off the kicker and having my partner pull all the rods. After a 30min fight and chasing it down with the Minnkota we stuck a 16lb chinook. i did realize one thing very quickly this week, after having 4 fish hit and go without stopping, come the fall I'm going to have to add another 300yrds of power pro to all of my rods! The highlight of the tournament was I finally locked up a first place finish for the perch division with 5 perch measuring 1342mm. Luckily I was able to pop two 10'' up graders the final morning just as a massive storm came overhead. But thankfully I had my Simms ProDry suite on and stayed dry. For those of you who have not checked out 13 Fishing's Muse, go get your hands on one! If it weren't for the soft tip and super sensitive blank, there's no doubt I would have missed more than half of my perch bites. Next up on the tournament trial is Brew City Salmon Tournament out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. I have a feeling the winning boat with have 10 fish with a 20lb average.

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