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WIFinlander Guide Service

Captain Tim Hyvonen


Between running guided ice fishing trips and tournament fishing, winter is by far my busiest season.​

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Once the harbors of Lake Michigan freeze over, I start running trips for world class brown trout and steelhead.  I utilize a number of different devices to put the odd of landing a fish of a lifetime in your favor.  In addition to jigging, I use Automatic Fisherman, Clam Artic Warriors, tip ups and Vexilar flashers. 


During your trip I will explain how to use all of the gear and how to read the Vexilar.  I will also go over how to effectively use jigging spoos, rippin' raps and other various jigs.   


When the inland lakes freeze over and are safe for travel, I start making them look like swiss  cheese with my Strikemaster Lazer Mag in search of bluegills, crappies and northern pike. 


For bluegills and crappies I run a different number of jigging rods with a Vexilar flashers.  During a trip I will explain what I am looking for with my Navionics maps, how to read a Vexilar and how to properly present your bait.


To fill in the voids when I'm not guiding I partake in the North American Ice Fishing Circuit.  This series is held in multiple states across the Midwest.    

To become a sponser contact me to see what types of packages are available. 

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