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WIFinlander Guide Service

Captain Tim Hyvonen


Open water trips >>

New to 2020- The orginal Whitewater Express has been upgraded to the Whitewater Express II, a 2013 Skeeter MX-2025.  This boat is powered by a 200hp Yamaha and a 9.9hp Yamaha kicker.  This boat handles the big water with ease and the layout allows groups up to 4.


Spring-  This is an excellent time to target steelhead in the rivers along with chasing brown trout on Lake Michigan.  Once the ice comes off of the inland lakes, I also run trips for spring bluegills and crappies. 

Summer- Starting in late April I start running charter trips for coho salmon.  As the summer moves on, I start turning my attention to the hard fighting chinook salmon.  If salmon aren't what your looking for, there is excellent fishing for offshore steelhead and lake trout.  


Fall- Once the chinook salmon start their annual spawning run I run jigging and trolling trips in the harbors and river mouths near Milwaukee WI. for staging chinooks.  When the river levels rise I turn my attention to the rivers with fly rods for chinook and coho salmon. Typically around November I start bouncing back and fourth between the boat and the rivers for brown trout and steelhead. 

Fly rod and Centerpin lessons;

During the spring, summer and fall, I offer fly rod and centerpin casting lessons.  Both lessons are taught on the river instead of a wide open field.  This is a great option for someone looking to get into the world of fly fishing or centerpinning or even more a father trying to teach their son or daughter how to fish.  

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