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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Guide Trip Give Away

During February I ran a contest at The Beef Jerky Outlet Store for one lucky winner to win a half day guide trip for spring steelhead. Out of the over 100 entries Jarred was the lucky winner. He asked if he could bring his buddy with and sure why not. We met up on the root this morning and of course there were two guys in the first spot I wanted to fish with 3 steelhead on the stringer. We hit two other spots before ending up in a spot on the lower section of the river. It didn't take long for Jarred to tie into his first ever steelhead, a spunky little steelhead on a white jig and three wax worms. With the water being extremely low, clear and the fish being pressured the entire week, I had a feeling the smaller the presentation would be the best way to go. I then pulled out the Raven IM8 14' and started drifting a tandem bead rig through the hole. After about 5 drifts my float shot down and it was game on. I instructed Jarred's buddy Tyler how to control the centerpin and he did a great job fighting fish very first steelhead. After that Tyler went back to drifting a small spawn sac and before I knew it he was yelling "There's One!" I looked back to see another 5lb steelhead breaking the surface. It didn't take long after that one hit the net for Jarred to get back in the game with another 5lb steelhead on the jig and wax worms. With more and more people showing up and a few other fish being caught I had a feeling our time was dwindling down. We decided to fish one more current shift and good thing we did, kinda. Jarred yelled "I got one!" As I turned around a very nice chrome steelhead came flying out of the water 6 times but just as it was heading towards the net it made one last attempt at getting free and succeeded. It was a lot of fun getting these two young guys into their first steelhead and they were extremely happy at how the outting went. I would like to thank The Beef Jerky Outlet for being my tournament sponsor this year and allowing me to run this give away. I have a feeling there will be one or two more of these contests taking place throughout the rest of the year..

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