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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Ice Fishing for steelhead

Even though this is a little late seeing all the ice is off the Root river due to recent warm weather and rain but just before it hit I had the pleasure of running the best guide trip of the winter. I met three guys on the root and showing them how to set a few automatic fishermen I got the three of them jigging and showed them how to use the vexliar's. i wasn't able to get all the lines set before the action started. They did a great job landing five steelhead in the first hour. It seemed like I would set one auto and another one would go off. It wasn't until I got all the lines set that one of them yelled "hey I got one!" After a few mintues a pretty 3-4lb brown subcommed to the 13 Fishing Whiteout. All of a sudden one of the guys said "i think that bobber just went down." I told him to go over and pop the bobber a few times. While I was instructing him on what to do if the bobber went down again, it shot under like a rocket and it was game on. It has been a few years since I've seen action like that for steelhead and these guys could not have picked a better day to come out.

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