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Captain Tim Hyvonen

One long weekend

StartFragmentSaturday morning I met up with a buddy and his son to chase some chinooks in the rivers of S.E. Wisconsin. I decided going back to the same river I ran my last trip the previous weekend would be the best bet. Upon arrival I noticed something very wrong... There were NO fish! I told Todd and Tim that this wasn't right and I had a feeling the fall snaggers had been through and took all the fish off the beds. After another mile hike I got to a corner where I saw 5 guys with quite a few fish on their stringers and two of them were hooked up (with the hook no where near the mouth). We kept working down river and found a little pocket with a few fish. After missing a couple of them we decided to call it a day for that river. We then took a run to the root river where there were even fewer fish and only one guy I talked to had caught a brown trout on an egg pattern. With the low water and lack of fish we decided to call it a day. Sunday I decided to go work the Milwaukee river. We saw a few chinooks jumping but after a few hours of no hits I decided to make a move to McKinley Marina. It didn't take long after setting up for Tim to hook into a chunky steelhead. A little while later, I was talking to Todd and not paying attention to my float, I felt two thumps looked back and couldn't see my float. Once I set the hook I handed the rod off to Tim which yielded a nice 12lb female chinook. This weekend only took just shy of 100 miles to get into fish but it sure was worth it once we hooked up!EndFragment

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