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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Swinging streamers for kings

Yesterday i spent the morning on the river swinging streamers for kings, looking for the aggression strike. Between Nolan, Kelsey and I we landed to many to count, lost to many to count and by the end of the morning my 3'' rabbit fur tail was down to 1''. This time of year is a great time to sight fish for chinooks and when you have a few big males chasing each other, it's the perfect time to swing the biggest streamer in front of them to create an aggression strike. A lot of people think the only way to catch chinooks in the rivers is to floss or snag them but it's far from that. Just like every other fish out there when they are on beds, they become very territorial and don't want anything near that bed. The trick is to stand up river from the fish your targeting and swing the streamer into the bed and pause it and give it a slight twitch to really tick the fish off. I had one yesterday morning nose up to my fly, back up by a foot then charged it like a pike does to a shiner. It's a sight that never gets old, seeing how hard these "zombies" can smash a fly.

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