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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Lake Michigan Bait Tracking

I came across a thread on not to long ago saying there is a research doctor that is accepting emails with pictures of bait piles, date, time, lat/long ect. I emailed Dr. David Warner to confirm the post I saw and here was his response " What I hope to do is to try to turn what you guys see on hundreds of days a year into data that we can all use to try to understand predator-prey interactions. Once I get more than a few I intend to make a web page with a map that shows the location of the reports by month (or some other time period). There will be no identifying information about who provided the report though. Dave" There's so much room for error with the Lake Michigan Trawling and here is our chance to help show how much bait is actually out there. Here is Dr. Warner's email address

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