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Captain Tim Hyvonen

High and low water steelhead

The last few days have been nothing short of a waiting game. We received a bunch of rain earlier last week causing all the rivers to flood out. The 17th, the smallest of the rivers I fish became fishable for a whopping one day but there was a nice batch of steelhead that moved in. I spent the first part of the day drifting spawn and creek candy beads. The first fish to strike was a healthy 7-8lb buck steelhead. After loosing a few other fish I finally stuck a chrome dimer in the 3-4lb range. After lunch I headed back with the fly rod which didn't go as well as I wanted. While working two bucks scooting back and fourth one of them came up head shaking for a brief second then popped off. A few minutes later a different fish came up head shaking and while walking it down river that one too popped off. I gave those fish 15mins to rest and changed up to a black stone fly/egg pattern. The first fish I missed had no quarks about chomping on the stone fly and this time he stayed buttoned up. The 18th with that river becoming extremely low and clear and my primary river still being to high and dirty I decided to take the day off. The 19th I ran a half day trip in the morning that started out slow but then heated up. My client ended up landing one steelhead and missed 4 others. The one big one he missed did him very dirty. Once he set the hook it came out of the water to show itself but then B lined it to a tree hanging in the water and came off. The next few weeks are going to get extremely good for fly rods extremely quick. Contact me to book a trip and secure your spot for prime time steelhead action!

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