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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Team Extreme Lake Menomin 2016

This past weekend kicked off the Team Extreme (WI) Ice Series on Lake Menomin. Just like last year it was a cold one! Pre fishing went great and I had my game plan set by noon on Saturday. Sunday morning with -17 degrees started off rough. When temps are that cold my four wheeler does NOT like to play nice. After holding the heater to my engine for an hour it finally decided to start and it was game on. Once out to the area we had pre fished, I noticed there was another team right on top of the area I had fished Saturday. I decided to slide over just a few feet and it payed off. Action started hot and heavy for my partner and I. Crappie after crappie, gill after gill, I heard the other teams around us saying "what the heck they got another one!" Towards 11am the fish really shut off. It turned out to be a game I'm very familiar with, 1 fish and move to a different hole. With an hour in a half left I decided to do a count and found out we had 7 gills and 7 crappies, needing one more each to finish our bag limit of 8&8. With the fish being extremely finicky I decided to switch to a 3mm gold Branter jig tipped with a few spikes. First drop came up with a nice crappie and my next drop yielded a nice bluegill. While packing everything up my partner continued to fish and stuck a real nice bluegill for an upgrade. We ended up taking 3rd with a weight of 8.60lbs and only .04 away from big fish with my partners crappie weighing in at .90lbs. I was very happy with my 13 Fishing Widow Makers, they were sensitive enough to detect the lightest bites and enough backbone to drill the hooks home. Now it's time to thaw everything out and get ready for a week full of guide trips in the harbors. The next tournament is Lake Delavan, WI Feb. 21st.

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