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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Knock out day on the river!

I met up with a good friend on the river today after a sub par day in the harbor yesterday. It didn't take long before I hooked up with the first brown trout of the morning with the 12'9 Raven Matrix. Shortly after I landed mine, Josh tied into another nice female brown. I ended up with one smaller steelhead out of that hole as well. Our next stop was a knockout fest with Josh hooking 3 steelhead including a double red stripe make that was as wide as he was long. I ended up with another female brown that must of had part steelhead in her for the amount of time she spent out of the water. Josh told me "there's got to be a few more browns in the hole." I replied "oh just wait there's a few more in here." After a dozen drifts trying to get the drift I wanted my float shot down with a monster buck brown knocking on 20lbs at the other end. Overall in 3 hours of fishing we went 9 for 9 and were 1 fish shy of a two man limit.

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