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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Inland crappies and bluegills

It's been extremely hard to pull myself off of Lake Michigan but I've done it three times the last week in a half. The first time was last Monday where I spend the mid morning pre fishing for an up coming crappie trip and it was beyond outstanding. I landed 14 crappies in about 20mins with the biggest being 13.5''! The trip I was pre fishing for was pushed back till yesterday and with the wind, we had to do a little bit of work to get them to go. It wasn’t until my client finally threw his banana overboard (after I broke my 13 Fishing Omen Black after getting wrapped in the trolling motor) then it was game on. We started off catching a bunch of smaller crappies and one of my clients missed one in the 13’’ range. I then decided to make a move and it payed off. We put a dozen quality crappies in the box, the biggest one pushing 14’‘. Now only if my clients could have stuck every fish they missed we would have had a stellar day with over 40 fish in the box but that’s fishing. It wasn’t for the lack of hits. I even missed possibly the biggest crappie I have ever had on which I’m still stinging about. You know it’s a good one when the mouth comes out of the water and you think it’s a small bass but then realize it’s a crappie. But with the salmon action taking off on Lake Michigan, it’ll take quite a bit for me to pull myself away from the big pond, unless the wind starts blowing.

Monday I was out with two old timers I fish with on a different inland lake and we ended up putting 20 quality bluegills and 1 nice crappie in the box. It was a pleasant surprise doubling up on large mouth bass while bluegill fishing. It wont be long before the big bruiser gills start snapping.

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