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morning, I got out with another Raven Tackle Pro Staffer for a few hours of trolling on Lake Michigan. It didn’t' take long for the action to start despite the large waves. While setting rods, my 8 color went pulling back with something very heavy on the other end. Unfortunately, it ended up breaking my 30lb leader. Shortly after losing that fish my next rod peeled back with a 5lb steelhead. We worked out to my wave points I was on the previous day and as I looked back I saw my down rigger bouncing. After a 10min fight I was thinking we may of had a large king on but as the fish got closer I could see a big white mouth coming up. Once in the net I was in disbelief that a 12lb laker ate a 10'' Anglers Avenue Megatron Spin doctor and green pro king fly. We then picked up another steelhead shortly after that lake trout. I decided to make a turn into the waves and started heading towards 100fow. Once I hit 110' my 8 color ripped back with a 8lb chinook on the end and as my buddy was fighting that fish my 5 color went cranking back with a steelhead. While we were fighting both of these fish my down rigger started buckling and ripping drag. Holy cow we had a triple! Jarrett got was able to net his chinook at the same time I lifted my steelhead over the splash well and now it was game on with this big king that took out 600' of line. After a 25min fight I put a 17lb chinook in the net. We then missed another fish on the dipsy diver and while pulling lines Jarrett got crushed by what I think was a steelhead but got off within a few seconds but it hit so hard it bent the bottom of my spoon 90 degrees. I then had something happen while raising my downrigger weight that I've never seen before. As my rigger weight and red off shore release started coming into sight, I looked behind and there was a laker chasing the release! Overall we ended up 6 for 10 in 4 hours of fishing. If we would have stuck a coho I would have done the same thing as the previous day and went hunting for a brown. But even though we didn't get another slam, I'm still on cloud 9 with landing all three fish for my first successful triple.

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