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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Lake Michigan Grand Slam

I got out Monday morning with a good friend and decided to run a little deeper than usual. I set up just shy of one of my deeper wave points and it didn't take long to get into some healthy chinooks and cohos. As I was in the process of straightening up the boat 5mins after getting all the rods set, the first board went screaming back. While Brittany was fighting that fish, I looked over and saw my down rigger bouncing away. That fish ended up getting off but we started the morning with a nice 6lb chinook. No sooner as I got the fish out of the net, the third rod fired with a healthy coho at the end. We made a few pass's through my wave point and picked up a few more fish including the Quazi Moto of chinooks. This pig only tipped the scale at 12.5lb but looked like a dang 20lber. It was 26'' long and 9'' from belly to spine. I decided to make a pass into 100fow and picked up a steelhead and shortly after a lake trout. I told Brittany that I wanted to make one more pass through my wave point then run in shallow for a brown trout to complete the grand slam. As I was turning to head west, my dipsy diver started cranking back with another 12.5 chinook peeling out 150' of line. Once we had that fish in the boat I decided to pull lines and run into 40fow. It only took about 10mins after resetting lines for my 4 color with a Silver Horde J plug to go cranking back with a 6lb brown. After a few minute fight and some interesting aerobatics he was in the boat and the grand slam was complete. Overall we went 7-9 in five hours of fishing.

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