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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Spring is on the horizion

Today I met up with a buddy and his two friends on the river for a few hours of hunting chrome. It didn't take long to get a first timer into his first steelhead (3 drifts actually). Soon after he landed his chrome bullet, it was my turn. After getting a few pictures and putting her back in the water my buddy ended up falling on a few big rocks and splitting his thumb wide open. Even though he got some river first aid he decided to call it a day. I continued down the river picking a fish or two out of almost every hole I hit. Overall in three hours I personally went 5 for 7 and the two misses I have a feeling were the same fish out of my last hole. It was nice running into two old timers I have fished with for a long time and catching up. It's always fun listening to the stories they gain throughout the year seeing I only see them in the fall and spring.

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