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Captain Tim Hyvonen

NAIFC Lake Maxinkuckee IN

My first NAIFC tournament was definitely a learning experience. Pre fishing lead to be a tough struggle trying to find any decent bluegills. After cover all of the safe ice and weed beds I could find, all we found were small perch, small bluegills and a lot of large mouth bass. Sunday morning while we were launching I decided to pack in with the crowd on one weed bed that seemed to hold all of the big bluegills and crappies. Even though the bite was extremely tough, I was able to stick these two tanks on the 13Fishing widow maker! Biggest was 11.25" .90lbs. With two hours left of the tournament and being sick and tired of hooking bass after bass, I decided to pack up and run to the opposite side of the lake to try getting 14 more bluegills. The first one I pulled through the hole was possibly the smallest bluegill I have caught in a very long time, if not ever. I would guess it was maybe 3/4''! In those last two hours we were able to get 14 more gills to round out our limit. We finished 16th with a weight of 2.55lbs

. Congrats to the Blegen's on first and Doug and Jon on second plus big fish tipping the scales at 1.04lbs

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