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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Steelhead to Panfish

With the recent warm snap, I was able to take a day off of the ice and sneak off to the rivers in search of a female brown for spawn. It was refreshing to tie into some nice steelhead on my Raven 12'9 Matrix but unfortunately after landing three steelhead and one stocker brown, I was unsuccessful in finding that brown with spawn. Later Sunday afternoon I met up with a previous client and hit one more spot where he ended up breaking off two of the largest steelhead I've seen this year. Monday I took a ride out to Lake Delavan to start pre fishing for the Team Extreme even on Feb. 21st. Luckily I was able to find a few crappies and bluegills hiding in the thick weeds while using my Aqua-vu underwater camera but the crappies decided to wait till 3pm to start biting. I ended up with three keeper bluegills and two keeper crappies and one being 12.5''. This weekend I will be in Indiana fishing my first NAIFC event but then once we get back from that I'll be making Delavan look like Swiss cheese.

#wifinlander #13fishing #bobbersdown #floatfishing #timhyvonen #sunline #fishusacom #raventackle #crappie #steelhead

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