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Captain Tim Hyvonen

August recap

August was a very up and down month for Lake Michigan. Trips averaged between one or two fish up to ten fish. Due to the lack of west wind I had to a lot of off shore fishing. It wasn’t until the last two weeks that I was able to put the deep-water rods out and fish under 50fow. The 29th, I fished on my buddies boat out of Racine and even though our batting average sucked we still managed 4 quality fish out of 12 bites. Our four fish were all chinooks weighing 20, 18, 17 and 16lbs. Yesterday the 30th conditions drastically changed with no chop on the water and blue bird skies. We started off jigging but after missing one fish and seeing no shortage of fish jumping, we decided to pull out the trolling rods and give that a whirl. It took a while and fishing was extremely tough but the one fish we did land was the right one, a 23lb chinook that ate a wonder bread J plug on a dipsy rod. As I figured yesterday it was morning bite but we didn’t get on the water until late morning. With the amount of fish jumping and rolling, it won’t be long until they start moving into the rivers and it will be fly rod and centerpin time.

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