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Captain Tim Hyvonen

NAIFC Mendota

NAIFC Mendota is a wrap. Both Kim and I rolled a few really good fish that we needed but overall I'm very happy with our results especially after two days of horrible pre fishing. Between Friday and Saturday I saw a whopping two bluegills and one crappie on my Aqua-Vu Micro 2. Mendota reminded me a lot of Lake Noquebay in Crivitz WI where there was an over abundance of beautiful weeds but no fish. Sunday morning i did something I do not like doing but figured it was our only shot at getting on good fish, follow the pack. After a 4mi run across the lake we set up just outside of the main group of teams and it didn't take long to get on 16 very small bluegills and crappies. I decided to turn the corner and work just outside of the main group and luckily we were able to pick off some very nice crappies and bluegills as they were moving through. The first big crappie I laid into actually made me back reel. That one was a hair over 12'' long. While hole hopping I had another big red mark come screaming up to my jig on the Vexilar and once I saw my line go slack all I could think of was "big crappie" when I put screws to it this fish and felt the head shakes I had a feeling this wasn't a crappie. Up the hole came a 16'' walleye! To bad they have to be 18'' on Mendota because that was a very solid and healthy fish. At 1230, it was time to pack up and haul across the lake to cross the finish line. During weigh in I wasn't to sure how we placed but by the time it was over we ended up in 11th place.

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