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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Dirty water brown trout

I spend the mid morning on the river yesterday. Despite lower water levels, the river was still extremely muddy, almost like it still has its summer tint. It didn't take long to see a pile of fish moving around but none were hungry. After a couple of moves, working my way down river, I worked a little bit deeper hole and it didn't take long for my Raven float to shoot down. After a couple head shakes the brown was gone. I continued to work down river until I met up with a buddy. We started working back up river and just below where I missed my first fish, my float laid over and a 4-5lb brown came up head shaking. She wasn't as lucky as the first fish. I got her on the bank, got a couple pictures and back she went. Both my buddy and I caught a handful of small 6-7'' stocker browns. Before I called it a day, I decided to stop at the last hole before my truck and good thing I did. After 4 or 5 drifts, my float went down and another small brown came up head shaking. Good news is both fish were still had spawn tight in the skein so there is still plenty of time to get on the rivers to target browns.

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