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Captain Tim Hyvonen

August 21st and 22nd recap

I was able to get out with a fellow Raven Tackle Pro Staffer on Friday August 21st to target chinooks trolling. With only four rods set in the water, my first one fired with a quality 13lb chinook at the end. No sooner than one entered the boat, my second rod fired. Once again the second that one was in the net my third rod fired. After that initial furry, we would go 30-45mins with nothing then get two more rods to fire. Despite loosing three fish we ended up with a two man limit 7 chinooks and 3 browns.

After such a stellar day I decided to see if lightening would strike twice. It did to a point. Fishing on the 22nd was a little slower and tougher but we were still able to go 7 for 8 with 6 chinooks and 1 brown.

Both days spoons did a little better than Sliver Horde J Plugs.

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