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Captain Tim Hyvonen

First timers on Lake Michigan

Got on the water from 0830-noon with my coworkers kid and his friend from Kentucky. It was fun watching two guys who have never reeled in a Lake Michigan salmon or trout. It didn't take long after setting up for my three color to go peeling back but as Logan was fighting that fish, my five color went screaming out with a nice 10lb chinook. The first fish that hit the three color ended up getting off shortly after the 5 color fired. While fighting the wind and trying to get back on course my three color went screaming again with a nice 5lb steelhead tail dancing behind the churches planer board. While Logan was fighting that he said "I think there's a fish on this rod." and pointed to my down rigger. Sure enough it was bouncing away. I got on the rod and after getting it hooked up I handed it off to Colton. After a few minutes the fish on the down rigger got off but the steelhead ended up in the net. With the winds kicking up to 30mph out of the west I decided to call it a day.

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