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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Skinny water Chinooks

I took the morning last Friday to take out a friend on Lake Michigan for Chinooks. I had overheard there were chinooks in close with the recent west winds. We started the morning at 0530 in 35fow and it wasn't long after I got all the rods set out before we got bit. I heard line peeling off my reel but with the lack of using my down rigger I couldn't figure out which rod was going off. Once I figured out it was my Shimano TDR down rigger rod I grabbed it and handed it to Josh. After a few minute fight a healthy 16lb chinook was in the net. About 5mins after resetting my down rigger, my 5 color went screaming back with a 15lb chinook on the end. We picked up one more chinook in the 14lb range before my 3 color shot back with a chunky 16lb brown trout. We now had a full livewell out of just those four fish and with winds starting to pick up we decided to call it a morning at 0800.

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