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Captain Tim Hyvonen

Salmon A Rama

Saturday morning at 0300 started off with a bang for the opening day of salmon a rama. Kim and I ended up going 3 for 6 and I missed two chinooks in the 20lb range. One even pulled the hook of the spoon. But for my first time in a year fishing the area we were in I couldn't really complain but had a good laugh while listening to the radio chatter at 0700 when the larger boats were crying 0-0, 0-2 because they missed the bite by a few hours. Thanks to the winds for day three I'm able to take time to rerig lines. Througout the enitre tourament fish were not hard to find but the ones with size were. My best five fish to land me 14th place for salmon slam were a 16,12 and 11lb chinook and a 13 and 9lb laker. With only targeting perch for a day in a half I'm more than happy with my 3rd place finish. During the middle of the week I started my night at midnight and by 0800 I had something happen that had not happened in my boat yet. At 0800 I ended up putting a small 3lb brown trout in the net completeing my first Lake Michigan Grand Slam out of my own boat.

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